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As a leading brand in China's sports goods industry, 361° has always been fully supporting the development of China's sports events. It has completely explored the connotation relation between each major resource and brand, and has sponsored a series of national main sports contests that have great impact on the society. In 2009, 361° is going to further enrich the brand resources, build a multiplex brand resource matrix, and prospectively formed the sports matches resources structure with the prestige partner of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, sponsoring the 361° CUBS (China University Basketball Super League), China Table Tennis Super League, National Diving Championships, Zhengkai International Marathon, Kinmen Marathon, etc. Also formed the media resources structure as being the nominated garment supplier for the CCTV-5 and the strategic partner for Tencent.

361°| Prestige Partner of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

361° invested heavily to beat other competing sports brands from home and abroad to become Prestige Partner of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games. 361° has been trying its best to promote the development of Chinese sports and Asian sports, creating the glorious moment in the history as the Chinese nation's first brand to win the sponsorship rights for the internationally comprehensive game.
361°| Official Global Sponsor of the Olympic Council of Asia

In 2009, 361° successfully won the contract with the Olympic Council of Asia, becoming the official global sponsor of the Olympic Council of Asia. It is the only sports brand that have gained sponsorship for the Asian top sports event and honored as the official global sponsor of the Olympic Council of Asia at the same time so far. Via this platform, 361° can popularize its brand culture across Asia, and participate in the international affairs, which in turn will speed up the globalization of the 361° brand.
361°| Nominated Garments Supplier for the CCTV Sports Channel

Relying on the most comprehensively exclusive event resources at home and abroad, CCTV-5 has set the "Nominated Garments Supplier" for the first time. 361° has made a significant investment to become the only one that have successfully won the bid for this most valuable right in the sports goods industry, which have already jolted the industry. 361° exclusively enjoys the right to implant products and logo, which means that the exposure rate of 361° brand and its professional image association will peak a monumental height.
361°| China Table Tennis Super League

In 2009, 361° has become the title sponsor for the China Table Tennis Super League. Table Tennis Super League is the table tennis event with the largest scale and the highest level in China, gathering world champions like Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Zhang Yi'ning, Guo Yue and so on. 361° will join hands with Table-tennis and Badminton Center to make China Table Tennis Super League the model for the world table tennis professional tournament!
361°| CUBS (China University Basketball Super League)

361° China University Basketball Super League (CUBS) is one of the three major basketball events in China. It is the highest-level Chinese university basketball association, co-hosted by the Chinese Basketball Association and the Federation of University Sport of China (FUSC), and wholly sponsored by 361°. 361° has undertaken the task of cultivating basketball talents for China and driving up China's basketball development together with CUBS.
361°| Globally Top Partner for the 2009 Kinmen Marathon

361° will offer ultimate sponsor for Kinmen Marathon since 2009 as the globally top partner and unique nominated sports equipment supplier for this event. 361° comprehensively integrates the world-class superior resources, and fully enhances the event's influence and promotes the transmission of the marathon spirit and the 361° long-distance healthy running culture through its powerful brand appealing power and operation ability for professional events.
361°| Zhengkai International Marathon

361° will be the globally top partner and unique nominated sports equipment supplier for the Zhengkai International Marathon for five years in a row since 2009. It will strive to promote the transmission of the marathon spirit and the 361° long-distance healthy running culture in China. Zhengkai International Marathon is the unique international marathon event in China that connects two cities. It forms the layout of "one in North, one in Middle and one in South" together with Beijing and Xiamen International Marathon.
361°| Diving Series

In 2007, 361° joined hands with China's diving stars to offer ultimate support for China's diving cause. In the Beijing competition field in 2008, China's dream team of diving hit a new peak of winning seven gold prizes, and conquered the world with perfect grace. In 2009, 361° will once again join hands with China's diving stars to go on a campaign in the international diving star tournament. The 361° sports world, courage can be that beautiful!

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